Coco Zhao, vocals

Born in 1977 in a small town in Hunan province in central China, Coco

grew up in a musical household as  the son of two traditional Chinese-opera musicians. He studied oboe and composition at the Music Conservatory of Shanghai. Since then, he has  been immersed in the study of Chinese traditional music, western classical music and jazz. His music is a stunning blend of Chinese and western elements.

In 1994 he started performing solo in Shanghai bars and clubs and became fascinated with jazz. in 1997 he was invited by Parisian Radio station Europe One to appear in a jazz music program entitled "La Boite de Jazz". There, the local media dubbed him "The Boy Billy Holiday from China".

Coco had the great honour of collaborating with the legendary jazz singer Betty Carter at the International Jazz Festival in Shanghai in 1997.. He has been invited to perform at jazz festivals in Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, England, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Coco Zhao's band "Possicobilities" was the first Chinese band to be featured at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2006. They received much acclaim from the world media and jazz critics. Following the success of 2006, Coco returned to Canada in 2007 to perform at 11 jazz festivals countrywide, as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in the USA. He  returned again to the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2008.

His latest CD, Dream Situation (Effendi), interprets old Shanghai tunes through jazz and fusion arrangements. calls it “one of this year’s true gems.”


Dream Situation    (Effendi,2006)

Flower is not Flower (2007)


Shanghai Jazz (EMI, Hong Kong 2004)

Press Notices

About his CD "Dream Situation" (Effendi)

"Though he sings the lyrics in Chinese ... Zhao’s distinctive singing transcends cultures and is perfectly matched by an excellent band called Possicobilities. The recording succeeds in cross- pollinating Asian vocals and contemporary American jazz idioms.

Dream Situation, one of this year's true gems, sets itself apart from the typical jazz vocal


Mark. F. Turner All About

" Zhao’s music is intelligent, and his vocals are haunting, cool, and soulful Like the great singer Jimmy Scott, Zhao’s voice is high and feminine with a wistful quality. " Vancouver International Jazz Festival, 2008