The Flow Of Things
(altrisuoni AS 300, 2010)     

Peggy Chew, vocals                         

Adrian Frey, piano       

Willy Kotoun, percussion

Coco Zhao, vocals
Wu Na, gu qin

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        Sonic Calligraphy with the Adrian Frey Trio at "The Club" (2005)

        Peggy Chew, vocals
        Adrian Frey, piano
        Fabian Gisler, bass
        Dominik Burkhalter, drums

        Lan Hua Hua (The Orchid) 
        Kangding Love Song 


        Sonic Calligraphy (altrisuoni AS 158, 2004)

        Peggy Chew, vocals
        Adrian Frey, piano

        "Sonic Calligraphy" evokes a musical landscape where old Chinese melodies                    

        are heard together with contemporary sounds. Traditional tunes meet with       

        modern modal colors and other shapes to create a new ambience.

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  1.The Girl From the Ali Mountain (Ali Shan de Guniang) 


  3.Kangding Love Song

  4.The Orchid (Lan Hua Hua)

  5.Li Bai’s Mood

  6.Roast Pork Bun (Cha Shao Bao)

  7.My Lonely Room (Lan Gui Ji Ji)


  9.Wood, Metal and Air

10.Ram’s Dance

11.Pick It Up This Morning



What happens when five musicians from European, Chinese, and American backgrounds come together for a cross-cultural encounter? The result is the CD “The Flow of Things“ by the group “Sonic Calligraphy“ (with the Chinese-American jazz singer Peggy Chew and Swiss musicians Adrian Frey on piano and Willy Kotoun on percussion), and their special guests from China: jazz singer Coco Zhao from Shanghai and gu qin virtuoso Wu Na from Beijing.

Some highlights on the CD are interpretations of ancient Chinese poetry by Tang dynasty poet Li Bai written more than 1200 years ago as well as a poem by African-American poet Langston Hughes. Old Chinese folk songs are given a contemporary treatment with modal colors and rhythms. Original tunes written by Adrian Frey inspire free improvisations with a myriad of Asian and Western influenced sounds. The George Gershwin standard “Summertime“ is heard in a multimodal arrangment by pianist Adrian Frey with a wonderful gu qin solo by Wu Na.

“The Flow of Things“ presents a fascinating soundscape with its lively fusion of Eastern and Western elements.


1.  The Orchid (Lan Hua Hua)

2.  Autumn Reflection 

3.  The Flow Of Things

4.  Song Of Travel

5.  Summertime

6.  Do It

7.  Embroidered Purse

8.  Heaven

9.  ABC


“...A music, fragile, sometimes like  porcelain. A music also where disparate cultures meet and merge. It works because the tangents are approached so delicately.“          Tages Anzeiger, Zurich, November 2010


from beijing with love
(ZHdK Records, 2006)


autumn leaves etc.
(ZHdK Records, 2005)


Jazz in Zürich
(intakt records, 2004)


Sonic Callligraphy is featured on the following sampler CDs:


coming soon....

Changing Landscapes (2015)

Peggy Chew, vocals                         

Adrian Frey, piano       

Willy Kotoun, percussion

Coco Zhao, vocals
Wu Na, gu qin

To order the CD:

1.  Deer Park

2.  Round‘n‘Round

3.  June

4.  After The Rain

5.  Little Cabbage

6.  House Of Jade

7.  Changing Landscape

8.  What If You Slept


Songs by John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Adrian Frey, Peggy Chew

Poetry by Li Bai, Wang Wei, Samuel T. Coleridge a.o.