Sonic Calligraphy

Sonic Calligraphy began originally as the colorful duo program of Chinese American jazz singer Peggy Chew and Swiss pianist Adrian Frey. They weave together contemporary sounds with Chinese melodies to create a new musical world that is unmistakably unique and personal.

The first concert of this duo took place more than fifteen years ago. Their "two minds meet as one musically" developed naturally from years of playing together in various settings and with different bands.

At first, their repertoire focused on jazz songs from "The Great American Songbook".

More and more they began to integrate into their program their own compositions written by the pianist and sung with the singer’s lyrics.

Live in New York 2003

Since then the two musicians started to explore a new expressive language where modern jazz concepts come together with melodies from China, thereby creating a musical world which inspires them to realize their vision of a new sound.

The duo’s imagination allows them to hear music that crosses over boundaries where different cultures unite for a dialogue that leads into the unexplored territory of improvisation.

Besides playing throughout Switzerland, the duo has played in three successful international tours: 2007 in China (Hong Kong, Kunshan, Shanghai), 2002 in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and 2004 in the USA (San Francisco, Berkeley, New York,etc.)

Sonic Calligraphy with Willy Kotoun, percussion

In 2005 the duo expanded the group to include Swiss percussionist Willy Kotoun. Building upon the foundations of the duo’s crossover into Chinese and jazz music, the addition of the rhythmical beats and textures of the percussion open up a kaleidoscope of new musical sounds. Together they create a hypnotic and unique cross-cultural blend of music. Modern jazz concepts meet Asian sensibilities through folk melodies from China, poetry from the Tang dynasty, jazz standards from Wayne Shorter and other composers as well as original songs from the pianist sung with the singer’s lyrics.

The trio has toured China in 2007 (Shanghai, Kunshan, Hong Kong) and in 2009 with Chinese musicians, Coco Zhao and Wu Na (Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Hong Kong).

Listen to the trio:

Autumn Reflection 
A Festive Song (Da Lian Cheng) 
Little Cabbage (Xiao Bai Cai) 
Roast Pork Bun (Cha Shao Bao)

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